The digital landscape and transformation in South Africa

The digital landscape in South Africa has seen much growth in the past years, and the number of users is expected to grow to at least 28.6 million in 2017 from 26.84 million in 2016. These findings translate to 52% penetration into the market. Digitalization has already disrupted the mobile industry and, is now beginning to transform a range of other industries, including healthcare, finance and retail. This development is creating opportunities for innovative new services, with consumer engagement and data traffic increasingly focusing on mobile devices and mobile networks. Therefore, it is advisable that businesses should consider transforming into a digital space.

To date, much of the revenue that the new Internet players have captured growth from are from new digital services. Digital transformation includes the move to increasingly software-centric networks and cloud-based infrastructure to increase operational agility. The challenge is for operators to undertake their digital transformation to benefit from these opportunities and gain a share of the incremental revenues, by developing new business models and skills to compete effectively. 48% Of South African organizations have gone digital, and 44% are planning to do so in the next year. With digital penetration reaching an all-time high. Therefore the best place for corporations to be is online.


The focus areas for growth:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M)
  • Cloud, big data and analytics
  • Content and video
  • Monetizing the growth in data tracking
  • Cyber security

As Bluevine, we recommend that businesses undergo a digital transformation to benefit from the opportunities brought about by the new internet players. Bluevine offers cutting-edge, custom web and business applications that set our clients apart from their competition by taking time to understand your company operations, market positioning as well as analyse your competition. We then advise on the best solution for your unique business needs.