Custom business applications

Custom software development is becoming a necessity in todays globalised, digital economy. This is because the internet has lowered barriers to entry, meaning anybody anywhere in the world can become your competition. Off-the-shelf software is no longer good enough. Businesses need to leverage digital technologies to improve business processes, and the best way to do that is with custom software development. Our custom business applications are designed with the objective of eliminating errors and complexities of paper trail associated with traditional business processes by providing a simple, efficient, flexible and easy to use online applications tailored to your organisation's needs.

Intranets and internal communication applications

all_inclusive Our intranet solutions are designed to enhance internal communications, facilitate conversations, communicate information, drive particular behaviors, the organization’s strategy, HR instructions, internal communications, and everyday content for the employees.

Enterprise and supplier development systems (ESD)

hdr_strong The ESD System designed for companies that require simpler, faster and efficient management and monitoring of suppliers and enterprises during every step of the ESD process.

eLearning/Learner management systems & online classrooms

nature_peopleOur learner management systems offers a digitalised learning platform to corporates and learners, by offering them opportunities to learn in their own spaces, and in an environment in which they are comfortable.