PPS (Professionals Connect)

25 October 2018

Website Redevelopment Solution:

Aimed at repositioning PPS’s Professionals Connect portal as the go-to website for job-seeking graduates, mentors and organisations with open vacancies.




  • Previously, the Professionals Connect URL was Static and that was affecting the website listing on Google.
  • People hardly search for “Find a job” when seeking employment, they are very specific with the search. Therefore, the previously used URL (http://www.professionalsconnect.co.za/index.php/find-a-job/) was no longer suitable.


  • To remove the current iframe and introduce a new unique, custom and dynamic URL for job listing page and job detail pages
  • To provide Professionals Connect with a server that will store the data inputted and documents uploaded without the use of a third party.


  • To redevelop the Professionals Connect website into a recruitment management system