Author: Neo Moloko

The Rise of Search Engine Marketing

  South Africa has a total population of 55.2 million people with an urbanisation rate of 66%-28 million (52%) people utilise the internet in some format, this has increased by 7% since Jan 2016. The rise of digital has seen people utilising it more to access information on a daily basis. Than...

Consumer Trends 2018

1 February 2018 by
Consumer Trends 2018

It has been said over the years that technology has taken over our lives as consumers. Digital disruptions are still on the rise and have changed the way consumers interact with brands. Consumers want more than product from brands, they want experiences, they want brands that constantly strive to m...

The importance of strategic communication

Strategy is an important aspect for any organisation; it is the foundation of every solution provided for organisation and it supports the creative direction. Strategy can be defined as an action plan designed to assist in achieving long-term goals of an organisation. A strategy is built from insig...